Another status update

So I got out again last weekend and spent most of my free time at the office with Oliver. This time I decided to bring my laptop with me to the battalion. Oliver had a usb modem to spare so here I am, blogging again. Actually it is pretty hard here to find the time to do so…

Anyways, about that RST course.

The three days with James Bach were great, and I really learned a lot.

It was not about individual techniques or heuristics, but about getting into the right mindset; learning to find that balance between a careful approach (the system appears to be working correctly this time, for this certain operation) and self confidence (this is definitely a problem / we won’t have to worry about that one for now).

Another thing I liked was the realism of all the examples and exercises: nothing was dumbed down; nothing looked like a pretty little textbook example that would crash under the weight of the actual world we live in. However, most of us (myself often included) subconsciously tried to see it in that context-free way – trying to solve the problems by only looking at the problem itself; thus stepping nicely into James’ marvelous traps.

As you have noticed, I won’t give away any details – otherwise I would spoil you fun 🙂

So much to write and so little time.. Next time I get to boot up my laptop (might be no earlier than Saturday), I will try to write about the other poor people here (my brothers in arms are mostly IT-guys like myself) and about a little idea I had about bugs in general:

Why not differentiate more between the symptom of the bug and the cause. I will expand on that later.

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