I’m overwhelmed

So I haven’t posted in almost four months.

Why is that?

Mostly because I am overwhelmed. Not only by all the things we do here at the military.. it’s also all the extracurricular activities I try to squeeze in – most of which is testing related.

Every spare moment goes into trying to keep up with all the new information out there in the world. The problem is this – half a year ago I thought I already knew a lot about testing. Now, however, I know that there is simply a ton of stuff I still have to learn. For every blog post I read, I find a new entirely must-read blog archive. Or a collection of articles. Or a person. My inbox an rss feeds are piled. Michael Bolton just posted a challenge on twitter. My coffee is getting cold and I haven’t had the time for a single sip. Life is crazy.. and I love it.

Cant wait to get out into the real world and do this 24/7

Oh yeah.. James Bach is coming back to Estonia this fall. Burning to meet him again.

Also, there is the stress of hopefully maybe making it to CAST2011.. only time will tell.

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